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RENT a Home in Indian Mountain Lakes in the Poconos

It’s important to know that there are two types of rentals available in Indian Mountain Lakes, located in the beautiful Western Poconos near skiing. 

The first type is called Vacation Rentals or Short Term Rentals.

Vacation Rentals can be booked through our affiliate site Booking.com. On here are rentals in the Poconos and Indian Mountain Lakes, generally 2-30 nights. You can search, reserve and get an immediate confirmation.

These types of rentals are typically available for bookings of 2-30 nights. You can easily search and reserve these properties by heading over to our affiliate site on the link above. Once there, simply browse through the available rentals in Indian Mountain Lakes. You’ll be able to quickly and easily complete the booking process and receive an immediate confirmation.

Another type of rental available in Indian Mountain Lakes is called Yearly Rentals, which are available for longer term stays exceeding 6 months.

If you’re interested in a Yearly Rental, you’ll need to contact one of our experienced agents at USA Realty who can assist you in navigating the rental process. Typically, the Yearly Rental process will include a credit check, work verification, and references. Please note that there is sometimes a fee for the credit check and most times there is at least a one month security deposit (sometimes 2 months).